• 01.14.19  Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s benchmark 10-year Eurobonds jumped by 2.5% last week to close at 95.4/96.1 (10.5%/10.4%), and medium-term Ukraine-24s added 2.1% to 89.3/90....read more

  • 01.14.19  EAVEX Weekly

    Most Ukrainian blue chips finished higher last week, helped by positive sentiments on global financial markets. Stocks were on the rise worldwide as w...read more

  • 01.08.19  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds started the new year in negative territory, with the long-term benchmark yield touching 11% for the first time since the...read more

  • 01.08.19  EAVEX Weekly

    It was a quiet start to the year on the PFTS exchange, which is Ukraine’s most active trading platform amid the ongoing restricted activity of the lar...read more




01.08.19 Ukraine Loses Important Ally With Mattis Departure

US Secretary of Defense James Mattis was forced by US President Trump to leave his post ahead of schedule on Jan 1 after he wrote a letter of resignat...read more