• 10.09.17  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds bounced back last week after a period of correction/retreat throughout the second half of September. Parliament finally ...read more

  • 10.09.17  EAVEX Weekly

    It was an active week on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange amid positive news that Parliament finally adopted a long-awaited pension reform bill, proving t...read more

  • 10.02.17  Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds retreated for the second week in a row, which we attribute to profit-taking after their impressive run of growth. In our...read more

  • 10.02.17  EAVEX Weekly

    Ukraine’s domestic stock market got a boost last week after several encouraging corporate announcements. First of all, the country’s largest oil compa...read more




10.09.17 Europe, US Praise Kyiv After Donbass Framework Extended

Key Western diplomatic figures, including US special representative Kurt Volker and German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, praised Ukraine late last ...read more