Research Reports

  • 01.12.16 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds started the first trading week of 2016 on a positive note, with 10-year bonds gaining 4.0% to close at 91.5/91.8 (9.1%/9...> read more

  • 12.29.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds finished last week slightly lower, as positive news on Friday (Dec 25) about Parliament’s approval of an IMF-compliant 2...> read more

  • 12.21.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds declined last week, with long-term benchmark Ukraine-25s falling by 2.2% to 88.3/89.5 (9.6%/9.5%) following a...> read more

  • 12.14.15 Metals and Mining

    Ferrexpo’s business model has been hammered by 2015’s long slump in benchmark iron ore prices, which are down by 45% YtD, compounded with a 55% YtD de...> read more

  • 12.14.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s newly-restructured sovereign Eurobonds were mixed last week, as the positive news that the IMF decided soften its policy on lending to count...> read more

  • 12.07.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukraine’s newly-restructured sovereign Eurobonds saw a notable correction last week amid growing fears that the country is at risk of losin...> read more

  • 11.30.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s new sovereign Eurobond issues ended lower in their second week of trading, weighed down by geopolitical tensions over the Russia-Turkey conf...> read more

  • 11.23.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s brand-new restructured sovereign Eurobond issues rallied in their first week of trading, as both Fitch and Moody’s upgraded the country’s cr...> read more

  • 11.17.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s 9 newly-issued sovereign Eurobonds, which replaced the previously outstanding 13 issues as part of the country’s debt operation, began tradi...> read more

  • 11.17.15 Agriculture

    A decline in the achieved yield for corn, MHP’s core crop, and a 22% YoY drop in poultry export volume in 3Q15 have led us to cut our projection for t...> read more