Research Reports

  • 11.09.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereigns remained flat last week ahead of their exchange for 9 new restructured issues with annual maturities over 2019-2027 an...> read more

  • 11.02.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s dead-rubber sovereign Eurobonds edged higher last week, as the Finance Ministry announced that holders will receive new restructured issues ...> read more

  • 10.26.15 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns headed into the restructuring process closed higher last week ahead of the country’s municipal elections, regaining their positio...> read more

  • 10.19.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds remained unchanged in subdued activity for the second week in a row, as the process of an exchange of the 13 ...> read more

  • 10.12.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were little-changed last week, ending their long run of gains ahead of the scheduled bondholder voting regard...> read more

  • 10.05.15 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds continued their unprecedented rally that began back in late August after the Finance Ministry and group of private credi...> read more

  • 09.28.15 Metals and Mining

    Last week, Ferrexpo effectively lost USD 174mn (62% of the group’s total cash) that it held in claimed insolvent related­party bank. After the restruc...> read more

  • 09.28.15 Fixed Income

    Ukraine imposed a moratorium on debt servicing last week in the frame of its Eurobond restructuring process. The Finance Ministry expects to exchange ...> read more

  • 09.21.15 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds continued their rally, rising for a 4th straight week and marking their best 1-month performance in more than...> read more

  • 09.14.15 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian Eurobonds rose for the third week in a row, as investors took notice of the attractive yields awaiting the country’s sovereign papers after ...> read more