Research Reports

  • 12.08.14 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds continued to trend lower last week, as the scenario of sovereign restructuring and/or bondholder haircuts next year weig...> read more

  • 12.01.14 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds suffered one of their worst weeks of the past 5 years amid growing investor expectations that the country is headed for ...> read more

  • 11.24.14 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds rebounded last week, as investor worries over the Donbass conflict eased somewhat after Kyiv promised not to re-start of...> read more

  • 11.20.14 Agriculture

    Despite the continued weakness of the Ukrainian hryvnia, MHP was able to improve its EBITDA in 3Q14 by 47% YoY to USD 181mn and has raised its FY14 EB...> read more

  • 11.18.14 Agriculture

    Ovostar was able to improve its 9M14 EBITDA by 19% YoY to USD 21.1mn in spite of the obvious adverse effects of this year’s hryvnia devaluation on the...> read more

  • 11.17.14 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds continue to slide last week as President Poroshenko failed to articulate a clear strategy for reducing military tensions...> read more

  • 11.10.14 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds took a pounding last week after the unsanctioned elections in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces moved the separatist-occupie...> read more

  • 10.27.14 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds rose last week as President Petro Poroshenko’s party led in polls ahead of Sunday’s (Oct 26) national parliamentary elec...> read more

  • 10.20.14 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were generally higher last week as investors bet on some type of progress in the Ukraine-Russia relationship ...> read more

  • 10.13.14 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian benchmark sovereigns fell notably last week, although for a change, the drop was mostly due to negative external risk sentiments rather than...> read more