Research Reports

  • 09.16.13 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns continued to languish last week, with yields on the country’s longest issue reaching 10%, as there has been no rush by investors ...> read more

  • 09.09.13 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereigns remained near their local lows last week and the country’s major corporate issues fell notably, as investors worldwide...> read more

  • 09.09.13 Agriculture

    MHP expanded its poultry production by 18% YoY in 1H13, strengthening our confidence in its ability to reach annual output of 600,000 tonnes by 2015. ...> read more

  • 09.02.13 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereigns remained depressed last week along with those for most other EM issues, as global jitters over the looming prospect of...> read more

  • 08.27.13 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns, as well as those of other emerging market nations, were weighed down last week by U.S. treasuries, on which yields rose to a two...> read more

  • 08.19.13 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended notably lower last week on worries about tighter customs procedures in Russia for a wide range of Ukrainian export...> read more

  • 08.12.13 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds declined last week, with benchmark 10-year notes falling by 1.1% to 87.9/88.6 (9.4%/9.3%), as Goldman Sachs r...> read more

  • 08.08.13 Metals and Mining

    Ferrexpo’s 1H financials took the market by surprise, with both EBITDA and net income exceeding the Bloomberg consensus by 7%. EBITDA edged up by 1% Y...> read more

  • 07.22.13 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign yield curve shifted down with the yield on benchmark 10-year bond declining from 9.9% to 9.2%. Investors got some relief from Ben...> read more

  • 07.15.13 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereigns were generally higher last week, as more bids appeared after long-term yields approached the psychologically important...> read more