Research Reports

  • 07.18.16 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian Eurobonds rose again last week as global investors resumed their hunt for risky high-yield instruments amid the strong post-Brexi...> read more

  • 07.11.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds last week climbed to their highest level since their placement in late 2015 following the country’s debt restructuring. ...> read more

  • 07.04.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign debt trading is largely sentiment-driven, and the recent sharp swing in quotes for Ukraine-19s, the shortest outstanding issue, wa...> read more

  • 07.04.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukraine’s stock market enjoyed firm growth last week, as global investors shrugged off the threat of “Brexit”, and also thanks to falling interest rat...> read more

  • 06.29.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns were mixed last week, with the most notable development being a sharp fall in Ukraine-19s, the shortest outstanding issue, which ...> read more

  • 06.22.16 Financials

    An overall situation in the Ukrainian financial sector improved considerably compared to FY15 when 46 of 163 banks were declared insolvent. The regula...> read more

  • 06.21.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns were moderately higher last week, reacting positively to statements from the IMF and the World Bank that the latter are ready to ...> read more

  • 06.17.16 Agriculture

    Ovostar’s EBITDA fell 22% YoY in 1Q16 to USD 6.9mn despite a 10% growth in gross profit from sales of egg and egg products to USD 8.4mn. Apart from lo...> read more

  • 06.15.16 Agriculture

    We are lowering our forecast for Kernel’s FY16 EBITDA to USD 351mn from USD 401mn previously on more conservative projections for the group’s seed­cru...> read more

  • 06.08.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended higher last week, with the 10-year benchmark, Ukraine-26s, gaining 1.9% to 93.3/94.0 (8.8%/8.6%) and the shortest ...> read more