Fixed Income

October 23, 2017

Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds saw light activity last week, with investors shrugging off a round of anti-government demonstrations in the capital. Several thousand protesters from diverse opposition groups ranging from reformist liberals to militant nationalists rallied outside Parliament on Tuesday (Oct 17), with some hard-liners calling for President Poroshenko to step down. Among the key demands of the protesters is the creation of a special court system to try corruption cases. Still, there was some positive news that MPs have approved a medical reform bill which keeps the country on a systematic reform path. According to the adopted bill, 5% of GDP will be envisaged in the national budget for medical guarantees. The main idea of the medical reform was shifting away from the old USSR practice of financing hospitals based on their patient capacity rather than on actual services provided to patients. In the latest macroeconomic statistics, UkrStat reported that retail sales c