Weekly reports

  • 09.26.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks continued to rise last week amid overall growth momentum on global financial markets. The West’s main equity indices all rallied af...> read more

  • 09.19.16 EAVEX Weekly

    The Ukrainian stock market enjoyed a third good week in a row thanks to more optimism regarding the country’s economy among investors. First of all, U...> read more

  • 09.15.16 EAVEX Weekly

    The topic of renewed IMF lending was the cornerstone for the Ukrainian stock market last week. News that the IMF board will finally look at Ukraine’s ...> read more

  • 09.05.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks gained across the board last week thanks to both technical and fundamental drivers. First of all, a new ceasefire took effect in Ea...> read more

  • 08.29.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stock again suffered from a lack of investors’ attention last week following news that renewed funding to Ukraine did not make it onto the...> read more

  • 08.22.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Low liquidity on Ukrainian stock market continues to be a reflection of the country’s risky geopolitical situation, although tensions with Russia appe...> read more

  • 08.01.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian equities showed increased volatility last week amid a batch of 2Q16 financial result releases. Uncertainty regarding continuation of the cou...> read more

  • 07.25.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks ended their month-long run of gains last week after the government failed to find an investor for the widely announced privatizatio...> read more

  • 07.18.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Locally-listed Ukrainian stocks enjoyed a third straight week of growth, piggybacking on positive global sentiments that occurred in the wake of last ...> read more

  • 07.11.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks were mostly higher again last week, as the current price levels give no initiative for short players. Despite a 1-month rise of 5% ...> read more