EAVEX Weekly

July 03, 2017

The Ukrainian Stock Exchange had only two trading sessions last week amid disruptions caused by the so-called “Petya” cyber attack following Wednesday’s Constitution Day holiday. The virus spread across Europe with Ukrainian government and corporate targets at ground zero. Equity trading was halted due to the virus hitting the National Depository. Initially the virus looked like “ransomware” - a piece of malicious software that shuts down a computer system and then demands money to fix the problem - but experts quickly fingered it as an actual cyber-warfare tool. The code reportedly contained “Eternal Blue”, a tool which is widely believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency. Ukrainian security officials said state-linked Russian hacker groups were responsible for the attack, a claim that was backed up by international cyber experts, including Russia-based Kaspersky Labs. The UX index declined by 0.8% to close at 1047 points. DonbasEnergo (DOEN) was the worst-perf