Corporate Values

Eavex Capital recognizes that global capital markets are in a constant state of flux. Over our 20-year history, we have effectively guided our clients through multiple rallies and downturns of Ukrainian securities, maintaining a leading market position. We believe that global markets are entering a new age, and now more than ever, adaptivity is crucial to long-term success.

Ukraine's attractiveness as a highly dynamic frontier market is balanced by country-specific risks that must be tightly managed to ensure outperformance. Our extensive experience, our deep market knowledge and our penetrating intelligence network provide our circle of clients with unrivaled expertise in Ukraine.

We believe that long-term partnerships with our clients are the key to our ongoing success. Over the past 20 years, we have nurtured client relationships through interest alignment and mutual exposure. We believe that transparency will lead us to our next 20 years of success.

Eavex Capital strives to pro-actively provide our cleints with maximum profitability through outperforming investment opportunities and market innovations.