Eavex Capital is a full platform, of which Investment Banking is one part. Our Brokerage, International and Domestic Equity and Fixed Income Sales, Research, Back Office, Custody and Legal units allow us to offer integrated solutions to our clients, freeing our clients from untested, outsourced resources.

Our Advisory Team’s experience with hundreds of companies has given Eavex Capital a clear understanding of the requirements and desires of financial and strategic investors. After a deep review of your business, our team will provide a clear and measurable strategy for the establishment of a well-structured, well-operated and well-financed company, increasing both the company’s bottom line and its true market value.

Further, Eavex Capital will provide you with the support necessary to implement all necessary changes within your company, with a clear view on increasing enterprise value. Finally, Eavex Capital will take the lead on communicating your company’s story to the market and specific potential buyers in order to realize the value created during the Consulting Process.