Merger and acquisition transactions (M&A)


The sale/purchase of assets between companies is a key method for both business expansion and monetization of investments. While this process is complex in any market, the highly dynamic nature of the Ukrainian market creates serious obstacles to execution of sound transactions. The active participation of your investment banking partner will substantially increase the likelihood of completion of your transaction on the terms you demand.

Whether you are a Buyer or a Seller, Eavex Capital Investment Banking will provide your company with the support necessary to maximize the end value of the transaction while minimizing your investment of time, energy and capital.

Eavex M&A Services

Eavex Capital typically provides the following services during the M&A process:

  • Analysis of the market, industry, competition and target assets
  • Analysis of the operational and financial impact of the acquisition/disposal
  • Analysis of available financing options
  • Risk analysis of potential sellers/buyers
  • Integrated support of negotiations with sellers/buyers
  • Organization of all necessary site visits, operational and technical reviews
  • Due diligence: legal, financial, accounting, organizational and operational
  • Audit of personnel and related parties
  • Creation of Teasers, Information Memorandums and other necessary materials
  • Valuation of targets and alternatives
  • Transaction planning (tax exposure, investment, legal and settlement risks)
  • Re-organization of the target or other assets with the corporate structure
  • Organization of financing facilities
  • Organization of warrants
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts
  • Preparation and implementation of legal protection of the transaction
  • Management of execution and settlement