Open Letter to the Shareholders and Management of Corporations

From Yuriy Yakovenko, Chairman and CEO of Eavex Capital

As experienced business leaders, you know that capital is the lifeblood of any successful business. None of us could reach the ambitious goals we have set for our companies without proper financing. There are no ‘one size fits all’ financial solutions that we can plug into our company strategies and expect success. Our companies are unique in their requirements and their capabilities. Start-ups need capital to build. Growing businesses need capital to expand and to acquire. Established businesses need the power of capitalization to achieve the level of true international scale.

Since 1994, Eavex Capital has assisted its corporate clients in maximizing the potential of their businesses through the power of the capital markets. Many may not realize the importance of the capital markets to business in Ukraine. The capital markets are a collective system, a complex international mechanism with a quite straightforward purpose: to allow the financing needs of one to be matched with the investment needs of another. Within this network of billions of market players, the ability of a company to finance its strategy is determined.

Please consider that today a teacher’s pension fund in the United States may be financing reserve development of a Ukrainian iron ore producer, while a taxi driver in Sweden may be financing equipment purchases of an integrated agricultural producer.

It is the burden of the ambitious company to harness the power of this complex system. It is our view that no company should have to do this alone.

Regardless of your company’s stage of development, a qualified investment banking partner is a key resource for your company’s long-term development. Your investment banking partner should be guiding your company in three key areas of development:

  • Raising of capital through debt and equity markets
  • Preparation and execution of M&A transactions
  • Consulting on financial, restructuring and corporate management strategies

Today, our Kiev-based Investment Banking Team combines decades of experience in these key areas. Together with our Zurich-based partners, Accuro Group – who have raised over USD 7 billion from international investors over the last 20 years – we have developed full-cycle capacity in investment banking and corporate finance. We create, execute and support investment banking and corporate finance transactions for our clients, as well as advising clients on strategies and tactics business development.

On the following pages, you will find detailed information on the mechanics of all of the products and services our Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Department offers, as well as an explanation of The Eavex Capital Approach.

We look forward to working with you,


Yuriy Yakovenko