Weekly reports

  • 01.20.20 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds moved higher last week following the IMF’s statement supporting the policies implemented by the government an...> read more

  • 01.20.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks ended mixed last week, but the PFTS index lost a notable 1.3% to 506 points after a 5.5% drop in heavyweight CentrEnergo (CEEN). Lo...> read more

  • 01.13.20 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds demonstrated a solid rise in the first full week of trading after the new year. News that the country’s national budget ...> read more

  • 01.13.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed Ukrainian stocks started the new year on a positive note, rising after the long-awaited deal with Russia regarding a new 5-year natural ga...> read more

  • 12.23.19 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds were on the rise last week amid renewed risk appetite among international investors. Portfolio managers turned bullish o...> read more

  • 12.23.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed Ukrainian stocks continued to trade in an inactive mode in the final full week of trading in 2019 before the start of the holiday period. ...> read more

  • 12.16.19 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds moved sharply higher last week as quotes reflected the prior weekend’s announcement from the IMF about conditionally agr...> read more

  • 12.16.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed Ukrainian stocks were mixed last week, with the PFTS index closing virtually unchanged at 510 points on Friday (Dec 13). Political news fl...> read more

  • 12.09.19 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds declined notably last week amid a worsening outlook for the country’s steel sector, with positive news about ...> read more

  • 12.09.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed Ukrainian stocks finished mostly higher last week, demonstrating some recovery after persistent selling pressure observed since late Octob...> read more