Weekly reports

  • 09.23.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian Eurobonds corrected for the third week in a row, with the latest news that there was little progress in Ukraine’s negotiations with Russia o...> read more

  • 09.23.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Trading on the PFTS exchange was sluggish last week, with little movement in either direction. In major domestic news, local investors continue to foc...> read more

  • 09.16.19 Fixed Income

    Sovereign and corporate Ukrainian Eurobonds saw some profit-taking last week, correcting moderately after their sharp rally on the appointment of the ...> read more

  • 09.16.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Most Kyiv-listed stocks finished lower last week, with the PFTS index falling by 2.4% to 515 points, which is the benchmark’s lowest level in 13 month...> read more

  • 09.09.19 Fixed Income

    Both sovereign and corporate Ukrainian Eurobonds racked up big gains last week on optimism that the newly appointed technocratic government will be ab...> read more

  • 09.09.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks ended virtually unchanged last week with the PFTS index closing just 0.1% higher at 528 points. The National Bank’s move to cut the...> read more

  • 09.03.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns appreciated in value after the newly-elected Parliament voted on Aug 29 to approve the new prime minister and the Cabinet. The ne...> read more

  • 09.03.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks ended somewhat higher amid a politically active week in Ukraine that saw the newly elected Parliament convene to approve the new go...> read more

  • 08.27.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereigns regained some ground last week after their 2-week correction, as the growing pool of negative-yielding debt is making Ukrainian E...> read more

  • 08.27.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks finished mixed last week, but the PFTS index saw a notable decline of 1.5% to 527 points as it was weighed down by a drop in UkrNaf...> read more