Weekly reports

  • 10.28.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds finished on a positive note last week, rising substantially in value amid signs that the country is closing in on a new ...> read more

  • 10.28.19 EAVEX Weekly

    The Ukrainian PFTS equity index inched up by 0.1% to 522 points last week, showing no reaction to the National Bank’s decision to cut the country’s ke...> read more

  • 10.21.19 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign and corporate Eurobonds were mixed last week despite a clearly positive development in the closely watched court case o...> read more

  • 10.21.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian equities listed in Kyiv finished mixed last week, with a report that the World Bank improved its forecast for the country’s economic outlook...> read more

  • 10.15.19 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended higher last week, reflecting a downward move in major bond yields. In particular, short-dated US Treasu...> read more

  • 10.15.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks traded in a sideways trend last week amid an intensive political news flow from President Zelenskiy’s first press conference. Among...> read more

  • 10.07.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign and corporate Eurobonds were broadly lower last week, with the government’s strategy to attract USD 50bn in foreign direct investm...> read more

  • 10.07.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian stocks listed in Kyiv were mixed last week, with the PFTS index inching up by 0.1% to 526 points. A report from the National Bank that the b...> read more

  • 09.30.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds finished mixed last week amid the huge controversy over the transcript of a July 25 telephone conversation between Presi...> read more

  • 09.30.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed equities were moderately higher for the week, with quotes edging up after the IMF mission’s representatives who worked in Ukraine during S...> read more