Weekly reports

  • 05.21.19 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds extended their downward move last week after preliminary estimates showed that the country’s GDP grew by 2.2%...> read more

  • 05.21.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian stocks saw a mixed performance last week amid a turbulent situation on global financial markets caused by the US-China trade conflict. In lo...> read more

  • 05.13.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds ended lower last week amid ongoing concerns about when the country will actually receive a USD 1.3bn loan installment fr...> read more

  • 05.13.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Local corporate news continued to determine direction of the Ukrainian stock market last week, as domestic investors ignored the notable correction in...> read more

  • 05.06.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds saw only light activity last week, with the 2024 issue edging down by 0.4% to 94.5/95.5 (9.3%/9.0%) and the longest outs...> read more

  • 05.06.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks ended mixed during last week’s trading period of only two sessions, as Orthodox Easter coincided with Labor Day this year to create...> read more

  • 05.02.19 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds sold off heavily last week on concerns that the country might not receive a previously-expected USD 1.3bn loan tranche f...> read more

  • 05.02.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian equities reacted positively last week to fresh macroeconomic data showing a firm recovery in the country’s industrial production data. The P...> read more

  • 04.22.19 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were hit with volatility last week after a ruling from Kyiv’s district administrative court that the country’...> read more

  • 04.22.19 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks finished lower last week amid only sporadic trading activity amid pre-election jitters in the country ahead of the expected defeat ...> read more