Weekly reports

  • 04.11.16 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds saw a moderate decline last week but remained in the general corridor formed one month ago amid uncertainty o...> read more

  • 04.04.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks finished mixed last week after their sharp slide from a week earlier. General sentiments on the local market remained negative as t...> read more

  • 04.04.16 Fixed Income

    Quotes for Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds rose moderately last week despite continuing gridlock in attempts to form a new coalition, as Batkivschyna pa...> read more

  • 03.28.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Local Ukrainian stocks got pummeled last week, with the UX index crashing through the 600-point support floor after news that the Metinvest metals & m...> read more

  • 03.28.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds were lower last week, with the benchmark Ukraine-26 issue declining 0.3% to 88.0/89.0 (9.6%/9.4%), as Parliament Speaker...> read more

  • 03.21.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks were sharply lower last week after the expiration of UX futures contracts, an event which occurs every 3 months, on Tuesday (Mar 15...> read more

  • 03.21.16 Fixed Income

    Ukrainian sovereign Eurobonds saw some gains late last week after a statement from the IMF that it intends to maintain cooperation with Ukraine despit...> read more

  • 03.14.16 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks showed their first signs of life in many months last week, with the UX index jumping 10.9% to close at 674 points amid indications ...> read more

  • 03.09.16 EAVEX Weekly

    UX index was hit hard last week, falling 3.5% to close at 608 points, which is effectively an all-time minimum taking into account the hryvnia’s sharp...> read more

  • 03.09.16 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds rebounded notably last week after a sharp sell-off seen in the second half of February on political stability concerns. ...> read more