Weekly reports

  • 07.06.20 Fixed Income

    Following the resignation of National Bank Governor Yakiv Smoliy on Jul 1, Ukraine’s Finance Ministry was forced to cancel its previously announced Eu...> read more

  • 07.06.20 EAVEX Weekly

    The UX index declined by 4.7% to 1256 points during the holiday-shortened 4-session trading week that ended on Friday. The lion’s share of the damage ...> read more

  • 06.30.20 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds finally corrected last week after 6 weeks of large gains amid the COVID recovery on global markets. Investors found a re...> read more

  • 06.30.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Locally listed Ukrainian equities were mostly lower last week amid notably negative corporate news regarding two out of the six UX index blue chips. T...> read more

  • 06.22.20 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s longest outstanding Eurobond due in 2032 rose 1.9% to 101.8/102.8 (7.2%/7.0%) and medium-term Ukraine-25s added 0.9% to 104.0/105.0 (6.9%/6....> read more

  • 06.22.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian stocks traded in Kyiv were inactive last week, with only a few sparse corporate news items driving some minor movement. UkrNafta (UNAF) gain...> read more

  • 06.15.20 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds last week continued their nearly-uninterrupted rise which began in early May. Kyiv finally received a loan disbursement ...> read more

  • 06.15.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Kyiv-listed stocks were on the rise last week with the UX index picking up 1.0% to close at 1366 points. Raiffeisen Bank Aval (BAVL) added the most po...> read more

  • 06.09.20 Fixed Income

    Ukraine’s sovereign Eurobonds saw big gains once again last week as the COVID panic continued to recede and global investors climbed back into the ris...> read more

  • 06.09.20 EAVEX Weekly

    Ukrainian equities listed in Kyiv were mixed last week, with trading results overshadowed by important news for the local stock market that Freedom Ho...> read more